Top 5 Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy As A Stay At Home Entrepreneur or Freelancer


Work from the floor.

No seriously, sit your bottom on the floor and your laptop on a couch pillow. Then see how long you can stay in the position before your body starts telling you it’s time to switch.

You’ll notice it won’t be very long. That’s the point! Our bodies are meant to move and don’t like sitting in one position for too long. You know when your butt goes numb after you’ve been sitting on the couch for too long? Yea, that’s your body’s way of saying “please move me”!

Now I’m not saying you should lie down on hardwood or hard tile… get a rug, a yoga mat, sit on a couch pillow, etc. You can start criss-cross applesauce, then switch to leaning against the side of the couch, then lie on your belly, keep exploring the different ways your body wants to move. 

And then of course, you can switch to the couch, the desk, a beanbag chair, the stairs, wherever however you desire - just keep it moving!


The BEST way to keep moving is by drinking tons of water. 

No, I promise I haven’t lost my mind!

What usually happens after you drink a bottle of water?

YOU HAVE TO PEE!!!! So you get up, head to the bathroom, do what you gotta do, and get back to work with another bottle of water.

Now you’re hydrated AND moving *mind blown*!


Schedule a few walks into your day.

Maybe you take a stroll through a nearby park. 

Maybe you take a walk to the store to get some more water.

Maybe you decide to take a walk to the local coffee shop and work there for a little bit.

Maybe you prefer to frolic in an open field… DO YOU!

Whatever you decide to do, decide to DO it and then make sure you actually DO it.


Eat food that will your keep your mind and body working all day!

Do you notice that while you’ve been sitting there working on a project for a little while, you start to want a little snack?

That’s because your brain is hard at work and is searching for some food to keep it going.

So you mindlessly go over to the pantry and reach for a cookie, and another, and another, AND ANOTHER! They’re delicious and shortly thereafter you feel it… *crash*. Now you need a cup of coffee and you blame it on 3 o’clock.

Nope, that’s a sugar crash, and those cookies you just ate have slowed down your ability to work on your business.

Instead, find yourself some low carb high protein options such as turkey jerky, a protein shake or bar, or sliced turkey breast to snack on! The protein will help you feel more satiated, there will be no sugar crash, and there will be tons more benefits to your nutrition.

For me personally, pairing a protein snack with a raw veggie snack tends to work best: baby carrots, snap peas, celery, tomatoes, you name it!


Sorry not sorry, I have to say it: get on a workout program. 

It’s important for overall health too, but did you know that exercising 3 times per week helps with your creativity and problem solving skills?!

But also it’s important for overall health.

You know all that stiffness and all those aches and pains you have? Exercising helps with that. 

You know that constant sluggishness you feel?

Exercising helps with that.

You know those extra couple of pounds you gained because of all the stress?

Exercising helps with that.

You know that lack of confidence you feel when you have to pitch yourself?

Exercising helps with that.

A consistent exercise program will solve all your problems! Okay maybe just most of them. But that’s still a lot!

About the author:

Milana is a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach. She is all about teaching the integration of fitness in your daily life. Fitness is about community, play, movement, and nutrition - and it looks different for everyone. She takes her clients on a journey of real, long-lasting, holistic transformation of the mind, body, and soul.