1 Easy Peasy Way to Grow Your Email List

If you’re already a LinkedIn member, you likely have a few connections. This is an amazing resource you should be tapping into!

Want to know how to export your contacts to grow your email list? Simply click here and follow the steps provided.

Now, I wouldn’t just blast people with emails they didn’t sign up for.


My recommendation:

  • Create a survey with Google Forms.

  • Ask a few simple yet targeted questions to better understand what their pain points are, and what services you can provide to solve their problems.

  • Provide a few multiple choice and short answer questions. We don’t want to overwhelm them or you.

  • Be sure to include a catchy title for a stronger incentive to increase open rates. Something that grabs their attention, or prompts a feeling of, “I’m curious and need to see more!”.

  • Once you start getting responses, create separate lists in your email platform based on individual needs and group your leads accordingly.

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