5 Steps to More Followers

As a social media manager, the most frequent questions I get is how do I get more followers.

I hate to break it to you, there isn’t an exact science, I can’t give you a fail proof plan;  but here are five things you can do in the next 5 days to increase your following.

  1. Plan your content.

    I know seems like, duh but you aren’t doing it. If you were, your post would be more consistent and consistency is key. Here’s 3 easy steps of how to plan 30 days of content.

    Step 1 - take advantage of the made up holidays on the calendar. Like “national ice cream day” “national wear gold day” or whatever, if it’s something you like and create a post around it!

    Step 2 - use actual events in your life, birthdays, anniversaries, trips, dinners, shopping trips, gym classes your love...etc.

    Step 3 - write it down, like on a real paper calendar (or use your phone, I prefer paper or post-its). You can also pay someone like me to create a content calendar for you. “You either spend the time or the money”. 

  2. Engage! I don’t mean that annoying follow / unfollow thing people do.

    I don’t mean liking 50 posts or those weird comment pod things.  I mean follow people you actually like, people who inspire you, people you actually want on your timeline. By doing that, you will find people to engage with. Leaving genuine comments, engaging with people you like is one of the fastest ways to grow your followers. 

  3. Photo editing apps.

    There are so many and you should use whichever one you are comfortable with, but I really like AirBrush and Mojo. I don’t believe that you need a curated feed, but I do think sharp, crisp pictures are important and an app is the easiest way to get that. 

  4. Connect with you followers.

    Depending on how long you’ve been on social media, your followers may not even remember why they are there. Tell them. Re-introduce yourself, remind them why they follow you and what they can expect on your page. 

  5. Hashtags.

    It’s how you land yourself on the search page, it’s how like-minded people find you and it’s how you get more followers. Use hashtags in your post BUT you also need to use hashtags in your stories on Insta. Why? Because, again, that’s how people who aren’t already following you can find you and it brings additional eyes to your page. 

It’s not in my top 5, but maybe the most important is it’s supposed to be fun & social. Share what you want!


About the author:

Mikita is a Lifestyle Blogger in Kansas City, who blogs about her 3 awesome kids, family fun, crafts, parenting, travel and her fitness journey. She has a slight coffee addiction, but that helps her keep up with her kiddos. When she's not blogging, she's watching her kids play sports, teaching yoga, managing social media for a couple of Fortune 500 companies.